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Explainatory videos

We turn your blog posts into explainatory videos. Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok format from $99 / video.

Avatar Newsreader Videos

We turn your blog or instruction text into a high quality Avatar Newsreader video. 40 different avatars, 20 large languages available.

TikTok videos

Any video you order will be delivered in 5 formats including TikTok format. From $99 / video.

LinkedIn Videos

The LinkedIn format is different from other social media formats with an aspect ratio of 9:16. We include the Linkedin format in all orders.

Twitter Videos

Twitter recommends as square 1:1 aspect ratio. It is difficult to use the YouTube or Linkedin format on Twitter. We deliver every order with a Twitter-sized square video.

Youtube Videos

The standard aspect ratio for YouTube on a is 16:9. This is the default video aspect ratio as we know it from TV.

Instagram Videos

Instagram allows you to display your video with a 16:9 widescreen ratio, a 4:5 portrait ratio, or a square 1:1 ratio. Every order includes an Instagram compatible video.